Current Date:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Strategic Partnership Agreement between Sudan and Turkey

Khartoum - Minister of Trade, Hatem Al-Sir said that mechanisms have been agreed to activate the strategic partnership agreement for trade and economic cooperation with

Turkey, which was signed on Saturday, noting that it will be presented to the Council of Ministers and the Parliament, for approval and ratification
During his talks with his Turkish counterpart in Ankara, Al-Sir said that the two sides agreed to form a joint bilateral trade committee headed by the two ministers, saying that the agreement will translate the interest of the two countries' leaders in establishing strong relations and creating industrial and commercial partnerships between the private sector, and working to localize the manufacturing industries until the export of raw products stops, and invests the common resources for the benefit of the two countries, indicating that his Turkish counterpart helped in overcome many obstacles to reaching an agreement that enhances the flow of Sudanese exports to Turkey and the start of the flow of bank transfers and the opening of branches of some Turkish banks in Khartoum and the rationing of imports to serve the national economy of the two countries, pointing out that Sudan will continue to benefit from all the opportunities available to achieve the relief program and the balanced economic program, pointing out that these agreements have good opportunities for the private sector to compete in the regional and global markets.