Current Date:

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Presidential Aide: We Pay Due Attention to Preservation of National Values

Khartoum - (SUNA) The Ministry of Social Security and Development on Monday launched the project for enhancing Social Values, in a ceremony attended by the Assistant

of the President of the Republic, Maj. Gen Abdul Rahman Al Sadiq Al Mahdi and a number of MPs and intellectuals.
Mahdi stressed in his opening remarks that the Sudanese values act as the security valve and an advance mechanism for facing threats and challenges and at the same time enhancing positive values at all social, economic, political and cultural levels.
He said it was imperative people should take care of the youngsters and inculcate the values of tolerance within the youth sector.
He added that the values of adhering to family values and of the establishment of the state of justice and shura and social equity should be cherished and held high.
The Minister for Social Security and Development, Mashair Al Dawalab has stressed that this project is a sustained partnership with the various institutions and quarters of relevance with the view to develop the concept in a way that it would cover all areas.
She said her ministry works to boost the social, regions and humanitarian values for the development of the society and community and standing in face of all elements that seek to undermine the values of the community.
She said there are currently actions that are targeting the Islam and through this the youth and the values. She underlined the role of the various cultural and artistic activities in boosting the community values.
The minister said the new social media are a double trench weapons that could undermine the social values and added oil to the flames in debasing social values.
But, the minister, said if used in the right way they could added to the means used for protection of the values of the concerned communities.