Current Date:

Sunday, 25 March 2018

United Kingdom Humanitarian Aid Tops £71.5 million for Sudan

(OCHA ) The United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID) topped 2017 with a £71.5 million (about US$96.2 million) in multi-year contributions to the Sudan  Humanitarian Fund (SHF), UNHCR and WFP to assist people in need in Sudan.
The SHF received a £31.5 million (US$42.1 million) multi-year contribution to help the humanitarian community in Sudan provide life-saving support to millions of people in need of assistance, according to a press release issued on 20 December. 2017 has witnessed significant shortfalls in the funding required to address humanitarian needs in Sudan, which makes responding to new emergencies difficult and puts lives at risk. This donation from the United Kingdom boosts Sudan’s $804 million HRP 2017, currently closing the year with a 55 per cent funding shortfall.
UNHCR received a multi-year contribution of £7.5 million ($9.9 million) to respond to the critical needs of South Sudanese refugees in Sudan, including those anticipated to arrive between 2018 and 2020, said a press release issued on 21 December. UNHCR will use the funds to provide life-saving assistance to respond to the vital needs of South Sudanese refugees as well as host communities in White Nile, West and South Kordofan, and East and South Darfur states. Assistance will be provided in protection, water and sanitation, and education activities.
The funds will also allow UNHCR to procure non-food items, such as blankets, sleeping mats and cooking kits, for this  vulnerable population WFP received a two year contribution of £32.5 million ($43.7 million) to continue support to IDPs in Darfur who have not had regular access to food for many years, according to a press release issued on 27 December.
The contribution will also allow WFP to expand its capacity to provide cash or vouchers so that people can buy essential food items and other necessities. Providing cash or vouchers empowers people with the freedom to choose what is most needed, and can generate income for local businesses and markets.
The UN Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS)—a WFP operated service for the humanitarian, donor and diplomatic community will also receive through this donation much needed funding.