Current Date:

Sunday, 25 March 2018

UNSC Discusses Darfur Dossier

Khartoum – Permanent Representative of Sudan to the UN, Ambassador Omer Dahab, has affirmed the stability of the situation in Darfur States along with the continuation

of the Sudanese government endevours to deal with the displacement and development issues.
Dahab added that the UNSC discussed Darfur dossier and UNAMID  to accordingly deliberate the contributions of the UN and the international community in supporting the government efforts to resolve all Darfur issues.
He pointed out that the government is exerting all possible efforts to make the firearms collection campaign from the civilians a success.
It is worth noting that the United Nations Security Council discussed on 10th January the regular report by the UNSG on the UNAMID performance.
Meanwhile the Sudanese government and UNAMDI are working in the implementation of the second phase of UNAMID reduction.
Foreign Ministry high level official stated that the UNSC discussed the UNAMID performance report during the period from mid October up to December 2017, besides the discussion of the security situation in Darfur, pointing out that the second phase of UNAMID troops reduction comes with the UNSC Resolution (2363) issued on June 2017.

He disclosed that the second phase includes the pull out of military unites in seven areas with retaining the police component, adding that the areas include Kal,a. Mistry, Shiariya, Saraf Umra, Korma, Om Baru and Seraif.
Meanwhile, UN Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan Nicholas Haysom has affirmed that the UNSC will discuss in the upcoming days the progress on the implementation of the Cooperation Agreement signed between Khartoum and Juba.
He added, after meeting with the Presidential Aide, Eng. Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid in Khartoum, that the UNSC will also discuss the renewal of UNSFA mandate in Abyei.
He affirmed that the UN hopes to see considerable progress in the peace process in Sudan in 2018 better than that of 2017, pointing out that he discussed the means of pushing forward the peace process in Sudan especially in regard to the AUHIP roadmap headed by Thabo Mbeki.
For his part, Presidential Aide, reiterated the government’s keenness to reach a peace agreement with the armed groups, adding that the delegation of the government is ready for any round of talks, pointing out to the efforts exerted by Sudan in regard to the implementation of the Cooperation Agreement between Sudan and South Sudan.