Current Date:

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Al Bashir Calls on Citizens of Blue Nile State to Adhere to Peace for the Sake of Development

Khartoum- President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has called on the citizens of the Blue Nile State to adhere to peace and work for its preservation for the

sake of realizing development, affirming that the rebellion and war had led to halting development in the country in the past.
The President of the Republic reaffirmed commitment of the government to realizing peace and development in all parts of the country, reiterating call on the weapons holders to resort to peace and shun violence and war.
Al Bashir affirmed pressing ahead with the weapons collection campaign so that arms would only be at the hands of the regular forces.
He promised continuation of the development process in the Blue Nile State and construction of Damazin-Gissan road.
President Al Bashir inaugurated during his visit to Blue Nile State yesterday a number of development and service projects including Khor Tamad Bridge that links the localities of Gissan and Bakori, a new wing at Damzin hospital, Health Insurance Buildings, Dar-Es-Salaam Road and projects of the Zakat Chamber.
He pledged electrification of all agricultural schemes in the state and provision of electricity service to all the citizens of the state, referring to the high quality of horticultural products of Blue Nile State, which enjoy high demand.
Meanwhile, President Al Bashir, also inaugurated the project of electrification of Al Seraio area, in Damazin Locality.
Al Bashir has said the state would not allow displacement camps and rebellion again, but he affirmed readiness of the government for receiving the displaced people and providing them with services for their resettlement.
The President of the Republic hailed the Armed Forces, Rapid Support Forces and Police for their role in realizing security and peace.
Governor of Blue Nile State Hussein Yassin Hamad, on his part, declared that the political parties and native administrations in the state have affirmed support to nomination of President Al Bashir for a new presidential term in the next elections.
The Governor lauded the efforts of President Al Bashir for supporting development and services projects in the state.
He also praised Giad Company, which has declared a smart partnership with the government of the state, commending the support extended by Omdurman National Bank, Kaila Company and the Sudanese Electricity Distribution Company to the projects of Al Seraio area.