Current Date:

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Presidential Assistant: The way to Govern is through Elections and Dialogue

Khartoum – Presidential Assistant, Maj. Gen. Abdul Rahman Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi stressed that there is no way to govern except

through elections and dialogue, revealing that some opponents abroad have seen the documents and outcomes of the national dialogue.
Al-Mahdi said, in a symposium on the occasion of the independence, that there is no way for solution to differences and access to rule without dialogue, stressing that the government continues on the path of dialogue to achieve the largest consensus around it, stressing the need to engage all in the dialogue.
For his part, DUP leading figure, Hatim Al-Sir called for the need to include other forces from the opposition and the militants to the national dialogue and the government, while Ahmed Saad Omer pointed out the need for exerting efforts and unite the word to maintain independence, stressing the need to continue the national dialogue, as the National Umma Party former leading figure, Abdul Rasul Al-Nour pointed to the consensus achieved in the independence of Sudan, pointing to the spread of differences among the Sudanese.