Current Date:

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Sino-Afro-Arab Cooperation Conference Concludes Sessions

Khartoum - (SUNA) The Conference of the Chinese-Afro-Arab Cooperation Prospects, which was organized by the Center for African Research and Studies in cooperation with the Association of Sino-Arab Friendship Societies, concluded its sessions Wednesday at the African International University.
The Director of the Center for African Research and Studies and Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Conference Dr. Ba-Aziz bin Ali Al-Faki presented the recommendations of the conference including the revival of the Silk and Sea Road because for its strategic and economic impact in the Arab and African regions and the establishment of the University of China in Sudan similar to the existence of the American and British Universities in the Arab region for the geographical location as the gateway to the world towards Africa as well as the existence of the African International University in Sudan.
The recommendations called for the establishment of institutions of partnership among the all parties represented by the Conference as well as the establishment of partnerships and academic institutions between China and the Arab and African countries, particularly with the Africa International University.
The conference recommended strengthening of political, cultural and economic cooperation between China and the Arab world and agreed upon translation of the official speeches at the opening of the conference into Chinese and English languages and to be treated as one of the key documents of the conference.