Current Date:

Sunday, 20 May 2018


Aloula Institute For Financial and Accounting Studies is an independent studies

, training and consultancy Institute with a strong national development orientation. Aloula conducts applied studies in the areas of financial markets, financial intermediaries and monetary and macroeconomics. It serves as a development spark for dialogue between international and national financial studies and practices, it offers specialized executive training and development.

Aloula cooperates with other international financial studies Institutes and is an active participant in international training and research networks. Aloula training programs directed by academic experts aim to generate collaboration with students that research projects professional degrees of financial and accounting sciences and knowledge. Aloula aims to be an active partner of policy making institutions in the financial community in Sudan. To facilitate this process Aloula promotes a variety of initiatives, including conferences, workshops and seminars.

Our foremost mission is represented in the creation and preparation of the conducive environment for the development and dissemination of knowledge in the field of the financial and accounting management, and to work with others in all that have to do with the promotion and development of the management and business environment, besides providing Consultancy in these fields.


- Raising the capabilities, training and development in the fields of financial and accounting affairs and the professionally related specializations, in consistency and compliance with the international measures and standards.
- Development of the human resources through the provision of specialized courses and programs.
- Preparation of the corporations and companies for the acquirement of competitive capabilities for their transformation from local to international status.
- Providing consultancy services in the fields of economics, finance, accounting & administration.