Current Date:

Friday, 14 December 2018

Regional Workshop on Climate-Smart Agriculture in NENA Convenes

Khartoum-Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN and the Islamic Development Bank (ISDB)

are organizing a three-day Regional workshop on Climate-smart agriculture in Near East and North Africa NENA convenes during the period from 8th-10th October 2018 at Coral Hotel in Khartoum.
The workshop brings together focal point on climate change from the ministries of agriculture and environment along with subject matter experts from various organizations including FAO, ISDB. It provides capacity development on the topics related to the CSA, besides working with the ministries to develop roadmaps for operating the CSA activities in their countries. 
Its objectives are to exchange experiences and expertise on climate change adaption measures from outside within the region and  to identify the role of CSA in achieving the NDCs, besides develop roadmap for implementing CSA in NENA region.
Climate-Smart Agriculture is one of the main pillars of climate change adaption in the NENA region. Many scientific working papers are to be presented in the three days of the regional workshop.