Current Date:

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Plans to Open New Markets for Cement Export

Khartoum - Dr. Musa Mohamed Karama minister of industry assured his ministry concern in removing obstacles facing cement industry

and export in Sudan. He discussed with the Emirati investor Sheikh Mohamed Abdallah chairperson of board of directors of Berber Cement Factory, the plans and efforts of the ministry of industry to open new markets for cement export. He pointed to the huge potentials and high productive capabilities which are more than the local consumption of the state. 
The minister of industry noted to his visit recently to the river Nile state to stand on reality on the cement industry and the volume of investments, and the meetings with the GMs of the cement factories where they agreed to establish training centers for cement industry. These centers targeted the youth to be trained in cement industry and the related industries.
Dr. Karama assured that all cement factories are highly qualified and work very high technologies, added the ministry is working to solve all problems and obstacles facing the export of cement to the African neighboring countries.
Meanwhile, chairman of the board of directors of Berber Cement factory, Mohamed Abdallah appreciated the great response to the cement industry, and the ministry efforts in solving the obstacles facing cement industry, and the support of proving services assisting to the cement industry.