Current Date:

Friday, 23 March 2018

White Gold Revival

Cotton as it is called the white gold is sitting now on its royal throne worldwide

. Gezira Scheme that specialized in cultivating the best kinds of cotton of high quality in the world despite the challenges facing this cash crop. The cultivated area is about 116,000 feddans for this year expected to increase to 450,000 feddans.
Sudanese cotton was being one of the most important sources of the national economy in Sudan, and it is called the white gold for its high economic value , beside employing of farmers, operating agriculture , and using it many industries such as textile , using its seeds as food for cattle , in addition to that it provides hard currency in exporting it .
The government tends to expand in these strategic cash crops as top of them is cotton.  Besides signing many agreements with Chinese companies aim the agricultural development as part of the five years economic program, entering new types of genetic axis cotton which is all contributed in increasing product and productivity.

Hike of prices internationally:

Mahmoud Adlan, member of agriculture and animal resources committee at the Sudanese parliament said that the Sudanese farmer tend to such crops of international economic value. He added that Cotton had contributed in provide Sudan with hard currency particularly the genetic axis cotton. This pushed the state and the farmers to increase the horizontal area and the vertical product after the hike of cotton internationally.


The parliament member explained that 100% of these challenges represented in the inputs of production, while 90% is the marketing pointed to that agriculture has timing, added that delaying of these inputs will reduce the cultivated areas. He expected that one feddan production will represents between 22 to 25 qintars.

Food Security:

Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman, Vice president addressed the two days meetings of the higher committee to succeed the agricultural season at Wad Medani Gezira state .He expressed the government commitment to support producers to increase product for realizing self-sufficiency and Arab food security . He also assured setting of clear policies to upgrade product and productivity; he called on the importance of concentrating on cultivating and expanding of cotton. Engineer al Sadiq Fadl Allah Sabah al Kheir state minister at the
Meanwhile, Dr. Mohamed Tahir Eilla Governor of Gezira state explained that the committee of the agricultural season succeeded to realize its purposes in collaboration and cooperation with partners of product and productivity process.
Eilla declared the increase in cotton exports to more than Euro 15 million, expecting its productivity will reach more than one million Qintars for the 2018. He explained cotton productivity is more 22 qintars for feddan.
He added that Gezira scheme is supporting mobilizing the national economy, by gaining hard currency through increasing product and productivity. He noted to the role of China in cultivating 450,000 feddans,in the project called Textile Garden  aiming to increase it to one million feddans as part of its investments in Sudan.

Reasons of reducing the areas:

The cultivated area is reduced to only 50,000 feddans in compare with that of 2, 2 million, this due to cultivating of wheat instead of cotton, which resulted in the stopping of 12 cotton swabs in different areas in Gizera scheme.
Osman Samsaa , Manager of Gizera Scheme due the reasons to the lack of influx of financing , beside the farmers them selves.  He expected  that productivity will increase to reach 8 qintars for feddan , after rehablitaion of irrigation system, the lands , provide finance for agricultural processes.