Current Date:

Friday, 23 March 2018

1. 4 Million Euros to Support Structuring Gum Arabic Sector

Khartoum – Dr. Faiza Sadig Mohamed Ahmed, national coordinator of the project of supporting structuring of Gum Arabic

in Sudan said that the France agency for development has provide support to the structuring Gum Arabic Sector by 1.4 Million Euros.  The project is financed by the ministry of Finance and the France agency for development with a cost of 1.4 million Euros under the supervision of the National Corporation for forests.
This is came during her recent visit to inspect the activities and programs at the headquarter of the project executive unit in al Obeid – North Kordofan.
She expressed her thanks and gratitude to the producers for their cooperation with the plans and programs of the projects which aim to increase the product and to maintain quality. She appreciated the successes of employees at the executive unit at the project. 
Meanwhile, Engineer Mohamed Idris Ibrahim presented an integrated report on the plans, programs and activities implemented since the beginning of the project in 2014. He added that the project works with30 cooperative societies  of Gum Arabic societies in Sheikan locality. Ibrahim pointed to that the project fulfilled succeeded activities and programs for the local communities contributed in reduction poverty rates and maintaining environment in the area.