Current Date:

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Sudanese-Russian New Economic and Trade Cooperation Era

The Sudanese-Russian business relation has been witnessing development since early time this year, the Ministerial Committee for the Economic and Trade Cooperation,

has concluded activities last week, the two parts signed an economic, commercial and technical protocol, by the head of the Sudanese side, the minister of minerals, prof. Hashim Ali Salim, and Mr. Sergei Denskoy the minister of natural resources and environment for the Russian part.

The outcome of Al Bashir Visit to Moscow

The agreement focused on five fields of researches and geological training between the geological research corporation, and the Russian Geological Center, also they agreed on the use of mercury alternative technologies between Sudamin Company and Russian Khalin Company , agreement on the field of development of nuclear station between the Sudanese ministry of water resources and electricity and the Russian Red Ason company, and the signing of cooperation minutes between the ministry of higher education and the Russian Ministry of Education and Sciences, besides the signing of an agreement in the field of technologies between the Sudanese Zoura Campany and the Russian Vimin Company.
The head of the Sudanese part of the Joint Ministerial Committee for Trade and Cooperation, prof. Hashim Ali Salim has asserted the sedans government determination to implement all the signed agreement as quickly as possible, noting to the signing of 43 agreements in previous years, indicating overcoming of the obstacle of financial transfers by the opening of the Russian transfer system a matter that has accelerated the agreements' implementation.

He pointed to the obstacle of the exportation of vegetable and fruits from the Sudan to Russia, noting that the solution of this problem lies in the formation of a joint council of businessmen to develop solutions to the problems of exportation, indicating that the what is new is entering into agreements not found in the previous protocol, such as the agreement to establish a nuclear power plant for the peaceful purposes of electricity generation.
The head of the Russian side, has confirmed on the peaceful nuclear plant, which it will be under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency, stating that the talks in its beginnings and dates are not set for it.
He pointed out that to the offer of the Ministry of Minerals for number of new blocks to the Russian companies, in exchange for benefiting from the Russian technology in extracting gold without mercury, as well as the qualification of cadres in the field of meteorology and other technologies.
the volume of trade exchange between Khartoum and Moscow has been increased recently, Mr. Sergei Denskoy noted that the trade exchange between the two countries has been doubled during one year to 153 million dollar in 2016 to 325 dollar in the fiscal year, stressing that the two sides would work for the solution of the financing problem, pointing to the Sudan exportation of million tons of the Russian wheat during the current year.
Meanwhile, prof. Hashim Ali Salim asserted the Sudan's desire to import Russian wheat, especially after the lifting of ban from the flour importation, with the expectation of the increase of the imported wheat from Russia to meet the country's consumption of wheat that amount to 2.5 million tons.
The minister of mineral has attributed the cancellation of the license of the Russian company of Cyprien for not complying with the terms of the contract signed with the company.
The President Assistant, Dr. Awad al- Jaz has expressed hope that the signed agreements would lead to its practical and direct implementation, noting that the presidency of the republic will closely follow up its implementation with the concerned ministries.
Al- Jaz has called for the holding of the council of the businessmen between the two countries shortly, and the facilitation of the communication means, by air, land, sea and on the banking level, inviting Russian tourists and media to visit Sudan to closely see what is going on in the Sudan.