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Saturday, 15 April 2017

English Language Society in Kosti Was Turning Point!

English language society established more than a decade ago In Kosti in White Nile state, with great efforts from pioneering teachers in that town, like , spiritual father and

teacher Abdullah Arman, Musa Al-basher who is always working hard  in silence , Abdurrahman Alduma is a driving force of a society .
The main objectives of a society were various; up grading English teachers performance both primary and secondary schools, then on gradual basis extended activities all over the town, starting with communication skills in English, translation, phonetics, Holding periodic workshops .
In 2007 English society witnessed a real progress and vision, due the presence of a unique youth, Mohamed Jafar, Mohamed ALhour. 
Lastly E.L. S. had participated hugely in all events that taking place.
Eventually got the fame of delivering good quality of educational services with it is partiners,