Current Date:

Friday, 29 September 2017

CISSA Conference to convene in Khartoum on Combating Terrorism and Realizing Political Stability in Africa

Khartoum- (Muawad-Neimat ) Arrangements and preparations are in full swing in Khartoum to host the largest Security meeting of the   ordinary conference of the

Committee of Intelligence and Security Services of Africa (CISSA) scheduled to convene next Wednesday 28th to 29th September 2017 with the participation of Directors and experts. The Executive Secretary of CISSA, Mr.  Shemelis Semyat addressed yesterday the press conference held on the occasion declaring the final arrangements for the conference which will come under the theme:  “Comprehensive strategic Partnership in Combating Terrorism and to realize Political Stability in Africa.”
Shemelis presented a historical background about the CISSA and the last conference pointing out that Sudan is hosting this session with a participation of 650 persons and intellectuals , 30 are  CISSA Directors and  10 Deputy Directors and other 9 experts from the five regions of African, East, West, North, South and Central Africa, adding that the main aims and objectives is to guard African diversity and to activate the early warning to Intelligence the African Leaders for the challenges facing Africa.
Different topics and issues related to the CISSA will be tackled and discussed during the conference. Sudan has hosted two CISSA conferences, in addition to this as the third conference to be held in Sudan pointing out that each member state has the right to host the conference  in a rotation process between the member states of CISSA in the five African  regions .The ultimate aim is to guard African diversity and universal difference  from violent conflicts in Africa ,neutralizing actions of negative forces and situations that trigger violent conflicts in Africa, harnessing the role of Early Warning  Intelligence  in managing  and resolving conflicts in Africa, putting in place concrete measures that can be useful in ending violent conflicts and realizing political stability in Africa, as well as identifying the stakeholders in Africa' aspiration of a conflict free continent .  
The conference will be preceded by the meetings of the Panel of experts (PoE ) to prepare the ground work  on 25-26th September at the Friendship  Hall in Khartoum, and the First Intellectual Forum on 27th September at the High Academy for Strategic and Security Studies(  H.A.S.S.S.) in Khartoum.
The 14th CISSA Conference is expected to come out with important decisions and to adopt short-term and long-term strategies that would guide the activities of the CISSA.
It worth mentioning that CISSA operates within the realm of the African Union AU and the Security Architecture (APSA). CISSA has a permanent seat in the AU and  the Security  Council. CISSA also updates the Council on Current issues and regular strategy early warning issues. Its head quarters in Addis Ababa – Ethiopia. CISSA membership stands at 51 intelligence and Security Services.