Current Date:

Friday, 29 September 2017

Ministry of Finance Discuss with American Congress Member Sudan's Arrangements for coming Phase

Khartoum: The Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning has discussed with American congress member and the delegation of the American Embassy to Khartoum the

prospected arrangements and measures to the post October 12 period
American Congress member George Holding said his visit to the country is with the aim of getting acquainted with the arrangements and measures that Sudan would take in the event of lifting the American  economic sanctions  highlighting the need for giving attention to the expected direct investments
Meanwhile General Dr. Mohamed Osman Al Rikabi , the Minister of finance has expected upon meeting at his office American congress member George Holding and the delegation of the American embassy the issuance of a positive decision  from the congress and the American authorities during the coming period with regards to the sanctions as Sudan has honored its commitments .