Current Date:

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Sudan Reiterates Condemnation of Israeli Violations, Support for Palestinians

Khartoum - Sudan has reiterated its solidarity with Palestinians and voiced categorical condemnation of Israeli's blatant violations of human freedoms and its latest bill to ban

the use of speakers to call for prayer in mosques in Israel and the occupied East Jerusalem.
Presidential Assistant Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid expressed Sudan's solidarity with Palestinians in face of constant violation by Israeli authorities of houses of worship and the human freedoms.
Separately,  an a speech during a conference of Tijaniyah Order in North Darfur capital El-Fashir, Hamid stressed the necessity to remove all restrictions to preventing people from performing prayers in the Holy Mosque in Jerusalem peacefully to exercise their legitimate rights to prayers in conformity with all conventions and traditions.
He considered the event as a message to the world that Darfur is secure and stable, calling rebel movements to resort to reason and return to the country and join the national dialogue, whose outcomes yielded the government of national consensus.   
Earlier last Friday, Six people were killed in an outbreak of violence that erupted over Israel’s placement of metal detectors at entrances to the sacred Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem and spread to the West Bank.
The clashes came as thousands of Palestinian Muslims prayed in front of police barricades in the streets around the Old City of Jerusalem after a tense, weeklong standoff over the metal detectors and other restrictions.
The Sudanese Assistant to the President further demanded metal detectors and other restrictions imposed by Israeli police be immediately removed.
The Israeli government’s decision to introduce metal detectors when the site reopened rapidly became a source of friction and a symbolic rallying cry in the contest for control and sovereignty over the sacred compound. In an extraordinary turn, members of the Waqf, the Muslim trust that administers the site, called for a boycott of prayers there for as long as the metal detectors remained in place.
Influential Islamists in Sudan have constantly accentuated their unwavering support for Palestinians in the conflict with Israel, arguing they are devoted to the cause regardless of the repercussions – a position upheld by the ruling National Congress Party (NCP).