Current Date:

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Al Bashir: Withdrawal of Several African Countries from ICC for Exposure of Its Political Agenda

Khartoum - President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir praised Qatar's support for Sudan at all critical stages, especially the changes that accompanied the

secession of the south and the outbreak of Darfur crisis.
In an interview with the Qatari daily newspaper, Al-Sharq published yesterday, Al-Bashir praised Qatar's regional and international role, noting that Qatar offers bold solutions to various issues in the region and plays a prominent role in supporting Arab issues and supporting the Palestinian people..
He said that the Doha Forum for Darfur peace has failed the traitors to try to ignite the region, stressing the role of Qatari Deputy Prime Minister and State Minister for Cabinet Affairs, Ahmed bin Abdullah Al-Mahmoud in gathering the Darfur movements and consolidating them in the Doha forum in two movements that negotiated with the Sudanese government until an agreement was reached.
Al Bashir referred to Qatar's investments in Sudan, stressing its importance in restoring Sudan to its role as a food basket for the world, and that Sudan is one of the countries that will help the world to face a food crisis expected in 2030. He pointed out that Qatar's support for Sudan during the secession of the south was at a critical moment, and that Qatar’s deposits in the Central Bank of Sudan enabled the Sudanese government to run the country after the secession of the south.
He stressed the importance of lifting the US sanctions on Sudan, pointing out that the CIA are now asking to lift the Sudan from the list of terrorism, and that lifting of sanctions will solve Sudan's economic crises, especially remittances and oil industry. He, noting the importance of his participation in the upcoming Arab-Islamic-American summit in Riyadh, saying that attending a summit attended by the US president is a shift in Sudan's relations with the international community and that the summit responded to those who incite countries not to call him for international conferences on their territories.
Al Bashir referred to the tension in the Sudanese-Egyptian relations, describing the occupation of Halayeb as an Egyptian stab at the time when Sudan mobilized all the army to repel the southern rebellion, but stressed Sudan's refusal to engage in war with Egypt that will benefit only Israel. He said that Sudan is determined to proceed with all measures to prove that Halayeb is a Sudanese territory, including the use of international arbitration.
Al Bashir explained the withdrawal of several African countries from the International Criminal Court (ICC) to the exposure of its political agenda, by targeting African leaders and confirmed receiving of its head bribes, asserting that the Sudan was behind the disclosure of the involvement of the head of the court to receive bribes to prove the corruption of the court, and that the goal of the court was inciting the Sudanese people to uprising and topple the government, but the people stood up with the government against the court.