Current Date:

Monday, 09 October 2017

UN Officials and Sudan Business House Discuss Financing Sudan

Khartoum-Sudan Business House and UN officials held a joint meeting on Thursday to discuss feasibility of coordination between government

, Private sector and UN to fund development projects in Sudan.
The meeting was attended by representatives of private and public companies working in various aspects, mining, agriculture and Sugar manufacturing.
Ms Sheilagh Henry who responsible for Humanitarian financing and resources mobilizations has outlined that the mission of their trip to Sudan is to overcome challenges on how to align the broader humanitarian and development community behind prioritized plans we seek for “more collaboration” said Sheilagh.
While Ms Olga Aleshina the senior Portfolio manager in UN, MPTF office has briefed on the objective of their visit “we are here to make practical recommendations for the aid community on how to support a comprehensive financing strategy to respond in more efficient and effective way to the protracted crisis in Sudan”.
The general secretary of Sudanese Business House has briefed the two UN officials on the role played by the house to promote business activities and to enhance partnership with public sectors.
He explained the social responsibilities of companies and private sectors to support development.