Current Date:

Friday, 12 May 2017

Government: Juba Disrupting Peace Realization Endeavors

Khartoum - (smc) The government has renewed its call to South Sudan state to stop meddling in the internal affairs of Sudan and speed up its ending its ties with the

armed forces particluarly the North sector while it accused Juba of disrupting Khartoum pursuits for realzing peace.
 Dr. Ahmed Bilal the official spokesperson of the government said in a statement to (smc) that the north sector is still one of the main arms of the People’s army in its fighting agains the southern opposition along with working towards adverse movement in the two regions
He demanded Juba to work sincerely towards Khartoum and not to meddle in the Sudanese affairs as Sudan is keen on south Sudan stability and it is not intervening in its internal affairs.
Bilal further affirmed Khartoum keeness on realizing peace in South Sudan saying that Khartoum is operating via the inetrnational and African system for stability of conditions in South Sudan