Current Date:

Sunday, 03 December 2017

Weekly Roundup: Glimmer of Hope

In the news none of the pupils who sat for this year’s basic level school examinations in one of Gezira State Localities’ has passed.
The justification is simply because the lack of teaching staff but nobody shoulders the education authorities the responsibility of this scandal.
This is disappointing news, but on the other hand the pupils of Al-Noor Institute for Blind Education scored 100% success.
Those blind pupils deserve appreciation from the presidency because they proved that there is nothing impossible under the sun.
They studied their lessons by listening and the help of some civil society organizations.
We raise the hats to the administration, teaching staff and pupils of Al-Noor Institute for Blind Education for their overcoming all the obstacles and scoring this record of success.
I propose for the Ministry of Education to establish a Council of Schools and Services for the Blind as a consortium of specialized schools whose major goal is improving the quality of services to children who are blind and visually impaired.
MTN has a unique initiative in helping the blind pupils in preparing the syllabus in refined tapes and flashes to enable the blind students study through listening satisfactorily.
It is high time for all the private sector companies to allocate part of its social partnership budgets to the children who are blind and visually impaired, especially those studying in Al-Noor Institute.
To our blind sons who passed the Basic Level Exams we say that the only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.
God bless our blind pupils who passed the Basic Level Exams and scored a record in success percentage.