Current Date:

Friday, 11 May 2018

Saudi Company Invest in Copper Smelting Field in Sudan

Khartoum - Minister of Minerals Ahmed Mohamed Sadiq Al-Karouri has consoidred the project of utilizing cooper, which is found in the concession sqaure which is affiliated to Ariab mining company as one of the biggest projects of the country.
The Minister has called, while meeting the head of board of directors of the Saudi copper smelting company who is one of its owners Sheikh Fahad Al Anzi, the Saudi investors to enter copper industry in Sudan as a first step after which we can shift to other industries. The Minister affirmed that the Saudi investment will be accorded full saupport in Sudan
For his part Sheikh Fahad Al Anzin has disclosed in a press statements following his meeting with the Minister cooperation between them and Arbab company for operating in the field of exploration and extration of raw copper, and consigning it to Saudi Arabia to the smelter of the company which is existing in Yanbou city 400 hundred kilometers from Port-Sudan which is considered the first smelter of its kind in the Middle East.