Current Date:

Monday, 19 February 2018

Sibaa Women Hypermarket, the First Specialized Hypermarket in Sudan

Khartoum  -  Zahraa Mohamed al Hassan, the Manager and Supervisor of Sibaa Women Hypermarket  (SWH)  of Tanda  Multi Purposes and Activities  Company in Khartoum , explained to Sudan Vision that the hypermarket is the first one in Sudan specialized on all  needs of Sudanese women. It provides its services in a completed and integrated privacy for the sake of women.
The market was officially opened in May 2016 to offer its services through different types of marketing including beauty centers, Gymnasium   Hall, in addition to 27 commercial shops and boutiques  to provide clothes of high quality  for males and females, children, the whole family, besides cosmetics under the supervision of professionals , utensils of different uses and shapes, perfumes of  local and International  Trade Marks, besides  the traditional Sudanese perfumes prepared by Sudanese professional women, some of them are  members in the Sudanese  Women Business Association,  Weddings Halls, Restaurants, training centers.
Zahraa explained that SWH is safe and secure and all women could do their shopping so easy, pointing out that all staff in SWH are women including the receptionist with the exception of the out- door guard which is mainly is the responsibility of the police according to the SWH high administration vision.
She called on all Sudanese women, and those abroad when coming home to visit SWH enjoy shopping.  She welcomed the foreign communities in Sudan to benefit from the SWH. She added that SWH facilitates services to its customers who visit its different centers during the work times.
Regards to the Sudanese states, she indicated that they will be included in the SWH pointing to their future plans to open such hypermarket in the different states of Sudan.