Current Date:

Friday, 29 September 2017

Al Bashir: Northern State Will Be Land of Return and Development

Khartoum - President of the Republic Omer Al Bashir has pledged to support the current projects of popular effort established in the Northern State saying that the state will

be the land of return and development by the return of its citizens, who were spreading inside and outside Sudan, and who contributed to their region and to Sudan as a whole, stressing that the demands of northern state people will be heeded as orders
Al Bashir highlighted in a mass rally in Ed Daba city the efforts those who persevered and remained steadfast and continued giving not only to their region but to the whole Sudan seeking no credit for this.
He noted that the facilities he has inaugrated were a direct contribution from the sons of the region with a governmental support for the Northern State mobilization, pledging to support the mobilization till development of the state is completed. He stressed on government support of any popular effort by paying four Sudanese pounds for one Sudanese pound paid by popular effort.
He said the salvation government came for doing justice to the northern state which is always lagging behind in development during the era of the previous governments pledging also to go ahead with development projects like roads and bridges enumerating the development projects which were established at the state alongside Merowe Dam which produces energy in support of production at the state
He announced his government trend of planting 220 million palm trees in the lands of the northern state in special farms at the expense of the state till they reach the stage of production and after that they will be owned by the residents of the state.