Current Date:

Friday, 29 September 2017

Al Bashir: Next December Final Constituent Phase of National Dialogue

Khartoum - The President of the Republic and of the National Congress party, Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has said next December represents the end of the first constituent phase of the National Dialogue. Al-Bashir stressed the need for setting the party, strengthening and operating its institutions in preparation for the upcoming political phase along with implementing the electoral program and giving due attention to the issues that affect citizens lives as well as working for the masses in the parties grassroots and leadership in all issues.
He lauded the efforts of Khartoum State in initiative of the societal dialogue. The model district and the initiative of the good tiding of the National Dialogue’s outcomes saying that the masses of Khartoum State in handing over the document of societal dialogue at the Republican Palace was a message that the National Congress Party and the salvation government are present in spite of the challenges.
The President went on to say while addressing the convocation session of the National Congress Party Shura (Consultation) Council that despite of the existence of some shortfalls and we are well aware of the size of the challenges and the efforts exerted by the state, we say to them  you have realized big success.
He further directed the leaders of the party to widen Shura vessels with patience and making rooms for viewpoints. People must not be frustrated by Shura however he stressed the need for expressing viewpoints with objectivity far away from offences and without irregularities.
Al Bashir said while addressing members of NCP Shura council, we hail the efforts of Khartoum State which presents a big action in the societal dialogue which you know the achievements realized in it stressing that Shura is a basic pillar of reform. He noted that the reform project which is put forward is progress in a parallel manner in its three courses (state reform, party and political environment reform).
He further said, the 10th of October the recommendations of the National Dialogue will be approved along with the national document which is a document not detracted by those who boycotted it internally and externally. Because those debating at the Friendship Hall represent all the political spectrums including the right, the left, Sufis and the precedents and those who carried arms, the peaceful people, the NCP and different parties more than nearly 90 parties and 60 movements they are all inside the Hall debating with full freedom.
He called for the need for effecting firm control and coordination between the different bodies and confirming unity of the rank and preserving the internal front in the face of external challenges.