Current Date:

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Finance Minister: Sudan Will Benefit From Arab Bank Amendments

Khartoum: The Sudanese Minister of Finance said the amendments introduced by the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Affrica will support and finance African projects noting that his county will be able to support road projects and railways along with availing funding of Sudanese exports to Africa.
Addressing the third meeting of the Bank Board of Directors for the year 2016, the Minister of Fiance Badr Aldin Mahmoud has hailed the role of the bank in Africa and its support of economic and financial cooperation between the two African and Arab regions.
He said the bank stood firm in the face of the international financial challenges adding that this was clear in the slowing down of growth and the drop in the of price of petroleum materials worldwide and its adverse effect on the African continent.
President of the Bank’s Board of Directors Yousif Bin Ibrahim Al Basam has described the role of the bank as leading for boosting and developing cooperation between the Arab World and the countries of Africa south of the sahara via a seventh five-year-plan that includes an expansion in the activity of the Arab Bank.
He outlined while addressing the meetings, which set out on Wednesday at the bank’s premises in Khartoum that by the end of the year the banks would have honored its full commttment to the sum, allocated for the public sector to the value US$210 million.