Current Date:

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Abdulrahman Calls on Political Forces to Support Reconciliation Line

Khartoum - Assistant to the President of the Republic, Major General Abdulrahman Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi has stressed the need for defending the national dialogue, its outcomes , heralding  and guarding all of its items.
He said while addressing yesterday the regular  forum of  parties young ladies  (post-dialogue Sudan)  that the duty of the political forces is working on exchange of viewpoints  to support the line of reconciliation towards reaching the aspired for national contention so that Sudan may enjoy , security, peace , stability , development and democracy towards  realizing the state of the rule of law and freedom that heed the human rights , preserve his dignity  working towards serving him and preserving the overall interests of the country to enjoy strong foreign relations.
Al-Mahdi affirmed his support to the societal committee which emanated from the forum to contact the armed forces and the holdouts to come on board the homeland to reach comprehensive peace and national contention.
He added that it is duty of all to reconcile and forget about disputes, differences and bitterness left by colonialism amid the Sudanese people saying that we have to forget about all these bitter experiences and disputes highlighting the big role played by the Sudanese woman in the national forums and preserving peace and security.