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Saturday, 12 November 2016

A British Explorer Visits Sudan: Inspiring Positive Change through Adventure Travel

Khartoum - Adams David Short, A British explorer visited Sudan Vision yesterday highlighted his long tour in many Africa countries , including Kenya , South African, Rwanda, Tanzania, Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia Egypt. He began his adventure tour ten years ago trying to change traditional image about Africa. Adams described his view and the image about Sudan was glomming was bad news as published in the Western Media.
He said the two weeks in Sudan are quite enough to know the reality of Sudan. He pointed to the religious coexistence in Sudan and the distinctive relations between Muslims and Christians, describing  He visited many archeological and tourist sites describing them as perfect and more than those in Egypt, added that Sudan and its people are lovely, and he is astonished and amazed with the scene of the Nile, desert in Sudan.
David promised Sudan Vision in a full text of an interview to write a book about Sudan and its ancient real civilization along the history in the area when returns home.
Regards to correct the image of Sudan in the West and the world as, Adams called on using the mass media, the internet, and social media to change this negative image about Africa and Sudan in particular.
Adams David Short is a new breed of adventure /explorer. He was born in England, 19th March 1973. He visited 14 countries in 3 continents experiencing many different cultures and customs.