Current Date:

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Sudan Supports Accord Government in Libya and Rejects any Foreign Intervention

Khartoum – President Omer Al Bashir has expressed rejection to any foreign intervention in the internal affairs of Libya, affirming his support to the government of national

accord there as Libya is a sisterly neighboring Arab and African country and any developments in it reflect on its neighbors, including Sudan.
President Al Bashir called at the High-level African Summit on Libya which was convened in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa Tuesday for safeguarding the Libyan territory and people as well as supporting the Libyan accord government, which has come as a result of the recent Sukhairat meeting.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour pointed out in a statement to Sudan News Agency that the summit heard reports presented by representatives of the African Union (AU) and the U.N. and the Libyan deputy prime minister on the situations in Libya.
The summit meeting was attended by members of the special committee on Libya set up by the AU during the latest African Summit held in Kigali. The committee covers all the five regions of the African continent besides the neighbouring countries of Libya, including Tunisia, Sudan, Egypt, Niger and Chad.
Prof. Ghandour said President Al Bashir expressed in his address before the summit the concern of the Sudan with the situations in Libya as it is a neighbouring country and developments there affect Sudan.
The minister explained that the summit adopted a resolution on Libya, which expressed the legitimacy of the government represented in the presidential council and the deputies’ council.
He went on to say that the summit affirmed the position of the Sudan of rejecting any foreign intervention in the affairs of Libya and preventing any attempt by mercenaries who may enter the Libyan territories.
Prof. Ghandour added that the summit affirmed its support to the government of national accord there, which is led by Faiz Al-Saraj.
The Minister pointed out that the summit proposed that the AU is to lead the tripartite committee, which comprises besides it the UN and the Arab League and that the summit leaders shall work to bring together all the Libyan parties to resolve all differences.