Current Date:

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Speaker of Parliament Affirms Endeavors for Realization of SDGs

Omdurman-The Speaker of the National Legislature, Prof. Ibrahim Ahmed Omer, has affirmed endeavors of the parliament and the government for realization of the

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
The Speaker was addressing the hearing session at the National Assembly premises yesterday on Sudan implementation to the Sustainable Development Goals, organized by the ad hoc committee of the National Legislature in collaboration of the National Population Council.
Prof. Omer called for giving consideration to the priorities of the society concerning the SDGs, indicating that the 17 goals are not enough compared to the objectives of the Sudan and the developing countries.
He said the priorities of Sudan are peace, calling on the international community to extend the necessary support to the country.
Chairman of the committee, Dr. Ahmed Al-Magzoub, on his part, called for confronting the challenges facing realization of the SDGs, referring to the initiatives that aim at improving the living conditions of the citizens and obtaining the SDGs through the program of the United Nations organization and its agencies
He referred to the goals of sustainable development which target combating poverty and hunger and support education and raise efficiency of production.
There are 48 countries that submit reports voluntarily on the process of implementation of the SDGs, Dr. Al-Magzoub said.
Secretary General of the National Population Council Dr. Limiaa Abdul-Ghafaar, on her part, reviewed the report of the Sudan, which has realized progress despite the challenges that face the country, reviewing SDGs.
She explained that the sustainable development plan of Sudan is based on three packages comprising poverty, hunger and health besides education and women empowerment and water and sanitation.
Calling on all to work for realization of the SDGs, Dr. Limiaa disclosed the leverages for realization of sustainable development that include agricultural transformation, empowerment of women and peace- building besides social development.