Current Date:

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Hassabo Affirms Increase in Health Budget to $155 Million

Khartoum- Vice President of the Republic Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman has directed establishment of blood banks at the states lacking blood banks along with providing

the required budgets, the qualified cadres, equipment and coping with development in health while he directed separating Blood Bank of Khartoum state from the central blood bank.
Hassabo yesterday demanded while addressing yesterday the inauguration of approval of the national policy of blood transfusion services and setting up the strategic plan for the year 2017-2021 at the police premises availing the blood bank at the state at the end of the current year as well as implementing the national policy of blood services from top downwards to the ground by the year 2017.
He said blood is the most important life saver and it imperative to check that it is not contaminated calling for amendment of the laws and legislations to cope with the national policy of blood transfusion policy as well as ensuring the criteria of quality assurance, commitment to basis and guidelines along with determining requirements as well as boosting training relations inside and outside Sudan.
Hassabo has highlighted the state’s attention to the health sector and providing free medical treatment for children  below five years of age and Caesarean sections , casualties operations along with renal, cancer and heart   surgeries  highlighting indigenizing medical treatment inside Sudan by indigenizing renal , liver and ear Cochlear transplant .
For his part the Federal Minister of Health Bahar Idris Abu Garda said “ we in the Ministry of Health care about the national policy of blood transfusion policy because it reduces mothers and children mortality disclosing  a challenge facing blood transfusion service which disseminating the culture of voluntary blood donation  noting that a strategic storage of blood is available and enough for the next four years stressing  the spread of blood services in all the states highlighting the impact of the economic blockade imposed on Sudan a matter that adversely affect Sudan human.
For her part Dr. Naiema Al Guseir , the Representative of World Health Organization (WHO)  we support Sudan’s orientation of blood transfusion from individuals demanding overseeing blood transfusion services , its quality checking it up and storing it.