Current Date:

Friday, 11 May 2018

Al Bashir Announces Support to National Service Projects

Khartoum – President of the republic, Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has said that Sudan suffered desertification due to the mistakes of forests experts in advising the

cultivation of harmful such as Mesquite which cost the government millions of pounds to curb those plants which damaged the fertile lands.
He directed the National Service officials to launch a national campaign to resume planting Hasshab and Gum Arabic, adding (We want to plant Sudanese trees).
Al Bashir expressed appreciation to the method being adopted by the National Service Coordination Body in facilitating the dealing with the citizens and raising the patriotic spirit among the youths.
Addressing a meeting on the civil service structures Sunday, President Al Bashir has praised the move of the National Service for technology and computerization.
He also appreciated the National Service programs for contribution of the youths to the forestation and the eradication of illiteracy.
He announced the donation of the Presidency to a five-month salary in support of the National Service, besides 25 million pounds from the Takaful Fund and 100 million pounds to support the productive projects of the civil service.