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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Religious Freedoms in Sudan Unique, and Unprecedented: Says Minister

Khartoum - Daawa and guidance, Religious coexistence, freedom of religions, combating of terrorism and extremism in Sudan are the most important topics of which Ministry

of Guidance and Endowment is dealing with.
Sudan Vision had interviewed the Minister of Guidance and Endowment, Dr. Abu Bakr Osman Ibrahim, to shed light on all these issues and others, in a full text of an interview to be published in the coming days.
Dr. Abu Bakr described the religious coexistence and religious freedoms in Sudan as unique, unprecedented, and does not exist anywhere all over the world; it dates back to tens of years ago. It was escalated recently for hidden agenda. He added that the issue of religious coexistence is a political issues more than being religious. He explained that Muslims and all Christian’s sects live in brotherhood pointed to that the Sudanese Constitution grantees rights and duties, religion and worship freedom equally to all Sudanese citizens.
He pointed also to the participation of Muslims to the Christians and the government top officials in the celebrations of the Easter festival in the last two weeks, and the other religious occasions of Christian sects and Coptic. In addition to attending the meeting of the international church held in Khartoum, which considered one of the marks of this religious coexistence in Sudan, the minister said.
Minister of Guidance and Endowment noted that the recent visits of Christian delegates from Canada, Britain, America, France, as top of them the last visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby to Sudan last July 2017, and opening of the 39 church as one of the international churches of the are considered eyewitness to this religious coexistence, and religion freedoms in Sudan, any they promised to reflect the real image about Sudan.
He described the western media coverage to Sudan news as negative and false , calling on the well-known mass media like B.B.C and C.N.N to adopt the credibility and transparency in tackling these issues , and not as they see it or believe in it .
Dr. Abu Bakr said that the religions freedom in Sudan is more than any one can imagine, and it comes as a top in compare with the neighboring countries and the word as a whole.
 The Minister pointed to the great efforts exerted by Sudan to combat terrorism and extremism despite the fact that Sudan  is still on the list of states sponsoring terrorism .
Regarding the removing of one the small churches in Khartoum, he described this matter as something far away of the ministry of guidance and endowment, pointed to that there were tens of Mosques had been remove for planning and constructing purposes , and has never any sort of religious biases, adding that the case of the mentioned church had been solved by law in court for the side of one of the Sudanese Christians citizens. We respect the Judge, and it is being respected all over the world even in the US It is not as issue of religious coexistence.
On the external participations, the minister pointed out that Sudan has distinctive participations in regional and international meetings and conferences of Daawa and they have many partnerships with some Arab and African countries. He added that the ministry of guidance and endowment has lots work with concerned bodies’ ministries, civil society organizations to face some social issues like spreading of drugs among youths.
Sudanese endowments in Saudi Arabia is one of the topics , the minister explained their plans and strategies to benefits from  it for the sake of Sudanese pilgrimages , and those who are visiting the holly lands in Saudi Arabia .