Current Date:

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Jabir Calls on International Organizations to Fulfill their Obligations towards Sudan

Khartoum – State Minister of Environment, Natural Resources and Urban Development Abboud Jabir called on the international organizations to fulfill their obligations towards

Sudan, as Sudan is one of the first countries to sign the United Nations Charter, referring to the influx of refugees from neighboring countries.
 Addressing here yesterday  the land workshop, challenges and chances, organized by UN Habitat, in cooperation of UNDP and environment ministry,  Jabir stressed the state's commitment to the elimination of disputes over land, pointing out that the workshop aims at enhancing the awareness of the importance of the land and how to manage it and the opportunities for funding from organizations and road map for all partners to form a vision regarding land governance, calling for the need to develop and activate the land law, with  the observance of customs and traditions in the states of Darfur.
For his part, UN Habitat Director-General, Dr. Wael Al-Ashhab said that Sudan faces many challenges in terms of land, especially climate change, drought, desertification and population increase, which requires many services, especially for farmers and pastoralists, especially in areas of conflict, pointing out that the purpose of the workshop is to share knowledge, experiences, challenges and solutions in terms of land law and abide by the necessary procedures
For his part, Qatari Ambassador, Rashid Abdul Rahman Al Nuaimi praised the efforts of the government in the interest of the land as well as the support of the Qatar Development Fund in the framework of support and communication in the outcomes of Darfur peace and the initiative of the State of Qatar for the reconstruction of Darfur, stressing the commitment of the State of Qatar to provide more for peace and development.
Also, The United Nations Sudan Resident Coordinator Ms. Marta Ruedas addressed the opening session and said that Sudan is hugely blessed with natural resources wealth but face a number of objective challenges in this respect which include climate change ,desertification and the increase in the population which on the resources. Then added that we are having this workshop based on the general consensus that good land governance is absolutely critical in order to make the proper use to underpin the development of Sudan for the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). She pointed to that the importance of land resources and land management is at the heart of the SDGs (15). Ms. Marta pointed that there are a number of activities in this regard that have started but there is still much work that needs to be done. The UN coordinator concluded by that today workshop offer a unique opportunity for all of us together to engage in discussions around these opportunities and challenges that we have identified to underpin a peaceful and collaborative co-existence that offer  durable solutions and development to the communities in Darfur and thereby underpinning the peaceful and sustainable development of Darfur.