Current Date:

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Government Welcomes Informal Consultations with Non-Signatory Movements in Berlin

Khartoum – Presidential Aide, Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim renewed the government's keenness to move forward in peaceful negotiations and aspirations to the sustainability of

peace in the two areas and Darfur.
During his meeting here with the European Union Ambassador to Sudan, Jean-Michel, Ibrahim welcomed the holding of informal consultations between the government and movements in Berlin today.
Director of the European Department of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Khalid Mousa said, in a press statement, that the Presidential Assistant presented to the EU Ambassador an explanation on the government's policy and efforts to restore security, stability and peace in Darfur and the political process in the country, besides the political process in the country, implementation of the outcomes of the national dialogue, affirming conduction of the election as scheduled, pointing that  a national committee for writing and drafting the constitution will be formed, adding that the meeting discussed issues of cooperation between Sudan and the European Union as well as political developments and the peace process.
Mousa said that the EU ambassador briefed the Presidential Assistant on EU efforts to support the development aid process, especially in Darfur, water harvesting, refugee issues and food security.
For his part, the EU ambassador said that he discussed with the Presidential Assistant aspects of Sudan's relations with the European Union, adding that peace and stability in Sudan and the region is one of the priorities of this dialogue, expressing the hope that the dialogue taking place in Berlin between the government and the non-signatory movements to be comprehensive , announcing a 10 million euro assistance from the European Union for the Nile Basin countries to set up more than 50 stations along the Nile to enable member countries to have data on water resources in the basin countries.