Current Date:

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Sudan to Celebrate IT National Day Next Week

Khartoum- In the context of celebration with the Information Technology (IT) National Day on 25th March 2018

, Ministry of Guidance and Endowment in collaboration with Information National Center presented a lecture last Wednesday, titled importance of IT in our daily life. The lecture targeted Imams of Mosques in Khartoum state.

 Engineer Suded Mahmoud Hussein, Deputy Director of the Information National Center tackled the importance of the modern media for communication, he pointed to that it leads the world, and it is well accredited. He noted out that the electronic government and the implementing of all procedure electronically .He explained the great expansion in using the social media worldwide.
Meanwhile, Dr. Mohamed Khalifa Sidiq , International University of Africa , pointed to the importance of collecting of data and information , its uses , evaluating the credibility of information which is the basic elements in decision making .
Engineer Mohamed Karmallah, from information national center tackled the importance of IT in the daily life considering it as an effective means of communication, facilitating the uses and services for the citizens. He called on all Imams of Mosques to benefit from such technology in the speech particular in Friday speeches.