Current Date:

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Presidency Sponsors A Day Without Smoking Initiative

Khartoum - Physicians Across Continent  launched Yesterday, the  Initiative of  A day  Without Smoking  under the porsntage of the Vice Ppresident Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman and  the sponsorship of the Federal Ministry of Health. The initiative comes to sensitize the community and to warn that the person is able to stop for one day and then complete a stop through the provision of all the awareness-raising and therapeutic tools and the consultancy section
Dr. Azahari Abdel Rahim  from physicians across continents said that 70% of smokers have a desire to quit smoking,smoking is a major cause of heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases and stroke, and increases the incidence of heart clots, he said
Smoking  is one of the causes of death that could be prevented and has a  clear economic consequences, which is  a major cause of the deaths of more than 6 million people a year.
Dr. Azhari said that  the aim of the initiative is  to provide the best level of outreach, education and therapeutic services from an integrated team, qualified and trained according to the latest scientific and global methods of awareness-raising, treatment, follow-up and continuous improvement of the service.