Current Date:

Friday, 11 May 2018

Ministry of Higher Education and Khartoum State to Serve Community Issues

Khartoum - A number of experts and officials stressed the importance role of Higher Education Institutions in providing solutions

to the environmental forms facing Khartoum State, especially in promoting the culture conduct and contribution of Universities through scientific research in raising awareness of health and environmental behaviour and putting them in the state media and institutions of higher education.
This came during a meeting including Dr. Sumaiya Mohammed Ahmed Abu Kashawa , Minister of Higher Education and scientific research,  Mohammad Hatim Suleiman, deputy of Khartoum State Governor and  a number of University Directors and Heads and Directors of Departments at the Ministry.
The Meeting noted to  the importance of the role of Universities, their contributions and their mentors in examining and finding solutions to the mandate's water and communications priorities and reducing the burden living, rural development and waste, park attendance step-up activation of research chairs in educational institutions, emphasizing the development and improvement of systems Integrated with higher education institutions to enforce State policy and standards for improving the community environment and improving the people's pension.
Sumaiya stressed that the meeting is important in developing scientific and practical solutions to provide continuous service in accordance with the mandate's desire for fruitful cooperation and continuing with institutions of higher education, noting the encouragement of these enhanced hygiene and community-induced behavioural projects to enhance their urban behaviour.