Current Date:

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Al Bashir: Security and Development are Two Faces for One Coin

Khartoum- President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has reaffirmed commitment to realization of peace, security and development for the citizens in fulfillment to

the objectives of the Government of National Accord.
Addressing a mass rally in Ed Damazin, capital of Blue Nile State, yesterday, President Al Bashir said security and development are two faces for one coin, affirming the government’s commitment to realize the aspirations of the Sudanese people through provision of all security, educational and health services.
President Al Bashir pointed out that development had been progressing in an excellent manner in Blue Nile State, especially construction of roads, particularly Damazin-Kurmuk Road in 2011, but the circumstances the state had witnessed and the rebellion caused stoppage of the project and many others.
All the allegations of those who took arms at the pretext of marginalization were false, President Al Bashir said, noting that the arms holders were those who halted development and services in the state.
He referred to the government call to the arms holders to return to the country to join in the building of the homeland.
The President instructed completion of roads and bridges projects in the state and provision of water and electricity services to all villages.
He pointed out that a transformer electricity station near the dam has been set up for provision of electricity to villages of Blue Nile State and the agricultural schemes, indicating that the agricultural products of the state enjoy high demand in the external markets for their high quality, especially bananas and cotton.
President Al Bashir affirmed the government’s keenness on construction of roads for transport of the products and assurance of security at the production areas.
He stressed that basic education is given high priority by the state as well as provision of health care to mothers and children and provision of decent living for the citizens.
President Al Bashir commended the Ministry of Social Security and Development and the Zakat Chamber for provision of various service projects to the citizens.