Current Date:

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Hassabo Stresses Importance of Combating Human Trafficking and Weapons Smuggling Crimes

Medani- Vice-President Hassabo Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, the Chairman of the Higher Committee for Weapons Collection

, has directed boosting the work of the committee on collection of weapons and combating the crimes of human trafficking and smuggling of weapons besides unlicensed vehicles.
Chairing a joint meeting of the National Committee of Weapons Collection and the Gezira State's committee in Medani, the Vice-President has said the coming period would witness wide campaign for combating crime at Al-Boutanah plain and other areas, calling for close coordination between the various organs and the concerned bodies for starting the stage of compulsory collection of weapons in the state after the 15th of current January.
The Commissioner at the Headquarters of Gezira State and Chairman of the Higher Committee of Weapons collection in the state, Tayallah Ahmed Fadlallah, has said the meeting reviewed progress of the weapons collection campaign in the state.
He pointed to the efforts exerted by the state's committee including holding meetings in the various localities to raise public awareness on the dangers posed by the proliferation of weapons and unlicensed vehicles, saying that the committee's work has found great response from the citizens.