Current Date:

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Popular Call for Revoking Four Freedoms Agreement with Egypt

Khartoum – Sudanese activists, media experts, and citizens start a campaign to collect signatures to bring pressure on the National Legislature

for revoking the four freedoms agreement with Egypt after Sudan has fulfilled its commitment while Cairo regime is still reluctant up to this moment.
Meanwhile, prominent popular leading figures stated to Sudan Vision that the issue comes as a reflection to the recent escalation of the Egyptian regime and its allegations over Halayeb triangle along with its interference in the Sudanese affairs and its foreign relations in particular.
They affirmed that they will continue the campaign for revoking the four freedoms agreement with Egypt till their demand is responded to.
The activists called on all the Sudanese citizens including politicians, civil society organizations, youth, women, student unions to sign on the campaign as an expression to their rejection to the Egyptian stances towards Sudan and the hostile campaigns in the Egyptian media along with their insults to Sudan and its people.
It is to be noted that the campaign has found great response from the citizens as it is expected that the number of signatories will reach more than three million within the coming two days.
For his part, the official of water resources technical department at the Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity, Prof. Saif Addin Hamad, denied delivering any statement to an Egyptian or any other media outlet about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance  Dam (GERD) and the ongoing negotiations, affirming that he did not meet with any media outlet and that GERD related issue is the concern of other departments in the Ministry, describing what was attributed to him as mere fabricated lies.