Current Date:

Saturday, 15 April 2017

China Brightness Action Conducted 1041 Cataract Operations Successfully

Khartoum-Chinese Brightness Action has yesterday concluded its works after performing 1041 cataracts operations to eye patients. The mission has handed medical

equipment in this filed via the signing of the eyes teaching hospital at Nilein University which was selected for conducting these operations for a period of three months.
The assistant to the President of the Republic, the official responsible for the countries of China, India and Russia has praised the role of China and its leading stance in supporting Sudan in all spheres, particularly the field of humanitarian work.
He hailed the mission of the Brightness Program for their efforts  for three months and for conducting these operations successfully in addition to conducting training, saying that there is a friendship that brings together the two sister countries.
For his part, The Federal Minister of Health Bahar Idris Abu Garda has affirmed that the State of China has continued to support Sudan for more than 47 years in the health sphere through establishing a number of hospitals in Sudan including Omdurman and Ed Damazin hospitals and Abu Ushar. These hospitals continue to work successfully and he disclosed that four hospitals are to be built next year
Abu Garda expressed hope that this mission would be a start of dealings with Sham hospital and Nilein University, highlighting the pledge of the former Vice-Chancellor of the university to send 15 scholars for training to China.
For his part the Chinese Ambassador to Sudan  said there is an cordial relation between China and Sudan and the Programme of Brightness is a grant from China to the people of Sudan and this program has already been signed. The implementation was assisted from the part of the official responsible for the Chinese file, stressing that his country will continue to support Sudan in all spheres
In a related development the Minister of Khartoum State Ministry of Health Mamoun Humeida has announced free medical check-ups of vision next Thursday at the hospitals and private centers in Khartoum, all in the context of the International Day of Vision and he described the work of the Chinese mission as epic for treating eyes.