Current Date:

Sunday, 25 February 2018

New Graduates of Blue Nile Health Sciences Academy

Damazin - (Waleed Ali Adam) Governor of the Blue Nile, Hussein Yassin Hamad attended  the celebration of the graduation of the batches “sixth nursing, third public health and 4th  medical assistants,  from the state Health Science Academy.
 The governor praised the academic management of continuous achievements, announcing his commitment to employ all the graduates to help provide services to citizens. He congratulated the families of graduates, stressing that the priority of primary health care and then specialized care, affirming that efforts are continuing for more health services.
Deputy Governor, Minister of Health, Dr. Abdul Rahman Bilal praised the governor's interest and commitment to employ the graduates to be a new addition to contribute to the promotion and development of health services.
Director of the Academy of Health Sciences, Dr. Mohamed Ali expressed his happiness to graduate 74 of the cadres of health, who have received many of the knowledge and science within 3 years and acquired the required skills.