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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Election Commission Act Authorizes It to Set up Its Budget: Al-Asam

Khartoum - National Elections Commission President, Dr. Mukhtar Al-Asam said the commission has suffered a lot from Ministry of Finance officials and lack of understanding of

the independence of the commission, noting that elections commission Act authorizes it to set up its budget and ascend it to the Presidency of the Republic.
He elaborated in a paper he presented before the Workshop of Elections and the Future of Political Exercise in Sudan that the actual exercise shows shortfall of financial and administrative independence of the commission, whereby the employees of the Ministry of Finance give estimation of a budget that has nothing to do with election commission requirements.
 The said workshop was organized by the High Coordinative Committee for following up implementation of the outcomes of the national dialogue.
Al-Asam added that due to this crisis the commission has canceled the contracts of sixteen qualified employees as a result of the shrinkage of the budget.