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Sunday, 03 December 2017

Presidential Assistant Hails BTO, CFPA Cooperation

Khartoum - Amid a huge rally headed by H.E presidential Assistant Major General Abdel Rahman Al-Sadig Al-Mahdi , The Consul of China Embassy to Sudan  H.E Mr. Director General Of Ministry of Education representative the Minster of Khartoum Mr. Abdalla Nasr State , Madam Fatima Alamin BTO Secretary general , Mr. Wu Peng Director of International development CFPA , Humanitarian Affairs Commission, teachers and some students of beneficiary schools , educational councils and some parents attended computer labs hand over at AlHumyraa Basic School for Girls on Monday 27 November 2017.
Addressing launching Ceremony, by presidential Assistant Major General Abdel Rahman Al-Sadig Al-Mahdi has appreciated the cooperation between Sudan and China in various fields describing the relations between the two countries are deep and constructive based on the interest of the peoples of the two countries he also said that BTO, CFPA cooperation is a good example of this distinguished relations wishing all the best for the NGOs further cooperation. He reaffirmed importance of technology for students at schools.
On his Mr. Abdalla Nasr representative Khartoum State Minister of Education expressed his deep than for BTO, CFPA efforts in enhancing general education in Sudan adding that such efforts become remarkable through smiling children projects funded by CFPA and implemented by BTO as well as school uniform provided by Chinese Embassy in Khartoum adding that computer labs will add more advantage to educational process to young students.
Meanwhile Madam Fatima Alamin expressed her thanks and gratitude to the Republic of China and CFPA  as the relation based on what she termed humanitarian communication  all human beings have same source and origin and they all return to God the creator of the Universe she added relations between BTO , CFPA started in 2009 and resulted establishment of Abu Oshar Hospital in 2011 then  in 2014 she participated at People helping people conference in Beijing that is why smiling children project came to existence soon after that. Madam Fatima requested CFPA, South – South Finance centre, to extend hands of support to BTO to accomplish establishing Khartoum Reference Training Hospital. She thanks CFPA in helping BTO to establishing many rural hospitals across the Sudan.
Consul of China embassy Qin Yifeng Said Sudan and China relation started over 58 years ever since the political confidence will remain stronger between the two countries yet such relation has witnessed quick development following the visit of Vice President of the Republic Zhang Gaoli to Sudan. The Consul went on to say that education is the corner stone for prosperity and development of the nation added that since last year the Chinese Embassy in Khartoum donates over ten Thousands students with uniforms in Khartoum , River Nile a, South Darfur state etc. he concluded that in the future the relations between BTO and other Sudanese NGOs will witness more projects adding that Chinese side giving this Computer at AlHumayra school today   to support in using modern technology in Sudan
Mr. Wu Peng Director of International development CFPA expressed his heartfelt than to attend computer lab hand over to five schools in Khartoum referring to importance of technology in Education. It is worth mentioning that computer labs ceremony covered a number of media outlets.