Current Date:

Sunday, 03 December 2017

Aror Vows to Develop Research Stations

Khartoum - (SUNA) The Minister of Animal Resources Bushara Juma Aror has stressed the importance of developing and renovating the research stations of animal resources to ensure the health and safety of the national herd.
This came during his meeting at his office Wednesday with the Minister of Animal Resources at the State of East Darfur Al-Fadil Abdul-Bagi Mohamed, where the meeting discussed ways to develop the Ghazala-Jauzaat project as it was chosen to improve the genetic quality of animal resources in the states of Darfur and Kordofan.
The Minister of Animal Resources in the State of East Darfur revealed a plan for the development and rehabilitation of the Ghazala-Jauzaat Research Center through the French modern technologies and expertise to enhance the sector and increase production and productivity to meet the increasing demand for Sudanese meat for its quality stemmed from the natural pastures.
Aror proposed formation of a committee to be headed by the Director-General of the Animal Resources Research Institute Prof. Ibtisam Qureish to study the feasibility of the project for the development of the Ghazala-Jauzaat Research Station. He added that the study should be submitted before the arrival of the French delegation to start work next February.