Current Date:

Sunday, 03 December 2017

Khartoum to Host Youth Intellectual Conference on Combating Extremism

Khartoum -- Khartoum is set to host on Sunday a youth conference on combating extremism and fundamentalism organized the ruling National Congress Party Youth Secretariat.
The gathering, which is expected to draw a considerable participation from 20 countries, will debate on issues of modern thing to distance the youth from extremism; in addition to looking for new ways to protect intellectual security.
The conferees are to compare notes and reach common ground on intellectual and human issues; in addition to launching an international initiative for youth intellectual dialogue to rectify perceptions through deliberations and open conversation.
The conference, which comes under the auspices of Presidency, will involve a great deal of experts, specialists and intellects from 20 countries.
Many expect the conference to draw a remarkable participation considering international concern about growing extremism and terrorism among the youth.