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Saturday, 25 November 2017

Bin Hilal: Celebration of Islamic Capitals Revival for its History, Nation's Brighter Future

Khartoum - The Undersecretary of the Omani Ministry of Heritage and Culture, representative of Minister Haitham Bin Tariq, indicated that the supreme goal of the

celebration of Islamic capitals is a revival for its history, civilization and its cultural contributions as a joint heritage of humanity for the building of a brighter future for the Islamic nation.
During his address at the Friendship Hall, Tuesday, to the opening sitting of the 10 th Islamic Conference for the Culture Minister, organized by the ISESCO, the General Secretariat of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation OIC with the coordination of the federal Ministry of Culture during the period 21-23 of current November, he lauded the selection of Sinnar as Capital of Islamic Culture for the year 2017, and the efforts of the participant at the 9 th conference , the role of the ISESCO in the following up to its fruits.
He added that the 10 th conference focuses on important concepts for the management of the developmental dimension of these cities and the following of developments in the Islamic world, a matter that necessitate the collaborative work of the Islamic Culture Ministers for the enhancement of the nation's thoughts that are based on the Islamic laws of Sharia'a far from extremism.
He commended role of the federal Minister of Culture, al- Tayeb Hassan Badawi who he handed the chairmanship of the 10 th conference currently hosted by Khartoum.
It worth noting that the conference will discuss what has been achieved on the cultural strategy of the Islamic world, the reviewing of papers and specialized researches, besides the discussion of the project for the amendment of the internal system of the consultative council, meanwhile, the conference will witness in its conclusion sitting the election of the members of the consultative council, the heritage committee, and the assigning of the place of the 11 th session of the conference.
The conference will also discuss the study project on the cultural indicator of development, the projects of the Islamic Declaration on the protection of the cultural heritage.