Current Date:

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Finance Ministry Reveals Directives of 2018 Budget

Khartoum – Ministry of Finance and economical Planning has affirmed that the principal directive of 2018 budget is directing the resources to the productive and services

sectors, determining the end of November as deadline to receive the budgets of each State before preparing the comprehensive budget.
Finance Minister, 1st Lt. Gen. Dr. Mohammed Osman Al-Rikabi emphasized, in his meeting with the Finance State Ministers, Minister of Education, undersecretaries, the importance of the budget of the national accord government, adding that improving the index of education performance is an essential goal.
He said that there is a trend for a comprehensive educational renaissance to become the base of development.
For her part, Minister of General Education Asia Mohammed Abdallah lauded the efforts of the joint partnership and providing the grant of US$76.5 million in coordination with the World Bank to upgrade Basic Level Education.