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Saturday, 25 November 2017

GERD Frightens Egypt Because It Halts Sudan's Water Loan to Egypt: Ghandour

Khartoum - Sudanese Foreign s Minister has disclosed for the first time a different reason for Egypt fear of The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) because the dam

enables Sudan to use all its share of River Nile water which used to go to Egypt as a loan since the year 1959.
Ghandour added that GERD currently being constructed by Ethiopia on the Blue Nile watercourse realizes the interest of Sudan, affirming that Sudan stands up to its interests, despite the fact the Minister stressed repeatedly that Egypt's share in Nile water in conformity with the Nile Water agreement is a red line as he put it.
Ghandour attributed in his speech to Russia Today Channel Egypt fears of the dam to its loss of Sudan's share which used to go to her outside the Nile water agreement as a loan.
He said “frankly Sudan was not using all its share of Nile water as per 1959 agreement and the renaissance dam preserves for Sudan its water which used to go to Egypt during the time of flood and give it back to Sudan during the time of drought.
He disclosed that Sudan is open for any Egyptian investments for the benefit of the people of the two countries.
It is to be noted that Minister of Irrigation, Water Resources. Mutaz Musa told the press that Sudan will not recede its share in Nile waters as stipulated in 1959 agreement.